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Wingfoil Center Tarifa
1:1 & group classes

Wingfoil Center Tarifa has developed the best and safest way to teach wing foil courses in Tarifa. Our 19 years of experience in wind sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing are our guarantee.
To teach our wingfoil courses in Tarifa we have transferred the teaching methodology of these sports to wingfoil, using the tools for a guaranteed success.
Wingfoil is the newest of the wind-driven water sports that combines windsurfing, kitesurfing and foiling, using a wing-shaped sail called “WING” to control speed and direction and a hydrofoil board to glide and at a certain speed get out of the water and “fly”.
In Wingfoil Center Tarifa we have been teaching wing foil for almost 4 years.

Nautical Center
on the beach
Los Lances, Tarifa

Wing Foil Center Tarifa is located in Los Lances Norte Beach, the most important destination in Europe for wind related sports, ideal beach for wingfoil and similar sports, thanks to the unique wind conditions that are created in the Strait that joins the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea and separates Africa from Europe.

The center is located inside the Hotel Arte Vida, 4 km. from Tarifa town, an important bimillenary enclave with a unique microclimate; summers are strongly moderated by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and winters are among the mildest in continental Europe.

WingFoil Center is a center approved by the Andalusian Sailing Federation and is an Official Nautical School certified by the Excmo. Tarifa City Council since 2009, is registered as an Active Tourism Company AT/CA/00143 and has the compulsory insurance for Civil Liability and Accidents.

Duotone & Fanatic

Wingfoil Center Tarifa offers the best selection of equipment, wings of the brand DUOTONE WINGS , boards and foils of FANATIC foiling.

Wings and boards for both beginners and advanced wingers.

You can rent different sizes of Wings according to your level or wind intensity. Also, choose from the largest selection of wingfoil boards, in different sizes and styles, for all wind and sea conditions.

Our Wingfoil Rental Center in Tarifa is open almost all year round.


Wingfoil Center Tarifa
Qualified Instructors in the best spot of Tarifa 19 years of experience behind us with the best material at your disposal all facilities by the sea
come and meet us!

About us…
Wingfoil Center Tarifa

Wingfoil Center Tarifa is a specialized center for wingfoil rental and lessons, located in the best beach of Tarifa to practice Wing, Playa de Los Lances Norte, with predominant winds from Poniente (sideshore) and Levante (side-offshore).

In our beach you can sail with tranquility to be sandy bottom, and when the east wind blows, despite entering the shore a little disadvantaged, if your level makes it difficult for you to return to the beach, we have rescue boat for any eventuality.

From June to September, we have a marked channel for our customers to sail calmly away from the summer crowds, it is a unique channel for Windsurfing and Wingfoil. The kiters have another channel at 25 meters to maintain the safety of the navigators.

Choose your wingfoil class at our center on the beach and progress quickly.

For the most advanced in Wingfoil Center we will help you to know the spot, the material and to consolidate your level to be able to rent wingfoil with total security and enjoy a unique experience as it is to sail in the Strait of Gibraltar.

3.5 years

Using a
effective methodology

19 years old

of experience
in Nautical

320 days

operations per year
to navigate

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Just to list a few, come and check it out!


Wings Duotone 2023
from 2.5 to 6 mts


Fanatic Boards
sizes from 85 to 180lts


Foils Fanatic
Aluminum and Carbon
different sizes

Webcam in
Wingfoil Center Tarifa
A dream spot check how the conditions are tell your friends, here they can watch you fly! ideal spot for wingfoil classes

wingfoil center tarifa

Our offer…
Classes & Rental

En uno de los mejores spots de la zona, te ofrecemos clases de wingfoil personalizadas, impartidas por instructores experimentados y titulados. Con nosotros podrás aprender este nuevo deporte de forma segura, rápida, práctica y divertida.
Para ello te ofrecemos clases particulares, o en grupo, con el mejor material del mercado, con asistencia de embarcación de rescate (moto de agua propia), fácil acceso a la playa, canal balizado y uso de las instalaciones del Hotel Arte Vida a pie de playa.
El material es adecuado para cada nivel y renovado cada temporada. Neoprenos Quiksilver en varios grosores para cada época del año, cascos con comunicación walkie-talkie instructor-alumno, seguros de responsabilidad civil y accidentes.
Ofrecemos el servicio Alquiler de Wingfoil a pie de playa con una gran variedad de material para todos los niveles. Y para tu comodidad, en la misma playa, puedes cambiar de talla o modelo, si lo deseas o necesitas.
También puedes disponer del equipo de wingfoil a tu conveniencia, llevarlo a otros spots o quedártelo durante la noche para devolverlo al día siguiente y así disfrutar con tranquilidad hasta el atardecer o a primera hora de la mañana.
Wingfoil Center Tarifa está operativo casi todo el año y durante todo el día (horario según temporada).

Nuestra oferta…

Para los días sin viento, con nuestra moto de agua podrás hacer wakefoil. Esta práctica es clave para aprender a volar la tabla con foil, sobre todo entender a qué velocidad el hidrofoil empieza a levantarnos, para una vez practiquemos con el wing focalicemos y aprovechemos al máximo nuestra energía.

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